About us and general information

Kaven Travel Service has been founded in 1937 by Paul Kaven, being among the oldest ethnic travel agencies in Los Angeles. Over the years Kaven Travel has catered mainly to the ethnic German, Romanian, Serbian and Hungarian community in California. Due to a successful web page design, our client base has increased significantly including customers from all over the continental United States and Canada.

Domestic and international airfares, have nothing in common. Since deregulation (1978), domestic U.S. fares are available directly from the airline as well as from all the travel agencies and online agencies. So getting the best domestic USA fare meant learning how to search whatever computerized reservation system (CRS) the travel agent or Web site uses. You assume that by going directly to the airline and "cutting out the middle man" you would pay less than if you went through a travel agent or an independent Web site. But an airline has no reason, and no obligation, to offer you the lowest price plus you will have to check all airlines. If you buy tickets from a web- based ticket sales robot, look closely at whether it is owned by an airline or by an airline-owned reservation system. In an effort to deprive the public of the independent advice of travel agents who might recommend their competitors, US airlines have so cut the commissions they pay travel agents for issuing tickets that most agencies have found it necessary to charge fees for this service. Surveys by journalists and consumer organizations have consistently found that good travel agents can use their expertise in finding the best fares to save most travelers enough money to cover the agents fees.

International airfares remain regulated by IATA (the International Air Transportation Association), and the official fares published by the airlines give little indication of the actual prices at which agents sell tickets on those airlines. It's as much a waste of time to consult any Web site for international airfares (especially for multi-stop itineraries). To solve the cash flow & efficiency problem (how to get some money for seats that can't be filled at official fares), the airlines had created a consolidator system. Consolidators are agencies that have discount agreements with the airlines. In most cases, consolidators are wholesalers who sell low airfares only through retail agencies, not directly to the public. It is sometimes possible to get a cheap ticket on very short notice (last-minute discounts) but you rarely get a cheaper ticket than if you had planned ahead, and it may be impossible to get a reasonable price, or even to find any available space at all, at the last minute.

Kaven Travel reliability: we've been around, since 1937, and under present ownership since 1992. We are ARC /IATAN /California Seller of Travel appointed (#1016679-40 registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California).   

You should check for the best prices, but you should not make reservations directly with the airline and then try to shop around for the best price at which to have them ticketed. Nor should you make reservations with more than one travel agency. Doing this reduces your chances of getting the best price, or of getting confirmed on the flights you want, and may result in all your reservations being entirely canceled without prior warning. More and more airlines have implemented auto-cancellation software for duplicate bookings. Waitlist clearance requests are more likely to be acted on if they come from the travel agent than the passenger, especially as different airlines have different procedures and the travel agent knows best from whom at the airline to request prioritization.

Other information:
- Check in 2 hours prior to departure  
- Baggage limit per person:
    - 2 pieces of max 50 lbs each
    - 1 carry-on weight varies by airline
- Passenger is responsible for valid travel documents
- Reconfirm your reservation prior to each flight
- Please send payment to:
    Kaven Travel Service
    8802 Coachman Ave,
    Whittier, CA 90605-1994
- For your protection, payments by credit card require a FAX authorization form.
- Toll free phone from US and Canada 1-866-385-8471
- Phone: 562-464-6760 and 323-205-3107
- FAX: 562-646-5600
- Email: Kaven Travel (Lila)


Your Arrival into the USA:
All passengers (or one per family) are required to complete the Customs Declaration form prior to arrival in the USA.

If you are one of the following:
a) US Citizen
b) Green Card Holder
c) Canadian Citizen
d) New Immigrant
Take no action.

If you are not, then you must complete one of the following 3 forms. Please ensure you are in possession of the right form and have completed it correctly before arrival, failure to do so could result in a fine and cause you substantial delay on arrival in the USA.
I-94 (White). Complete this form, if you a) are a Non-US Citizen and b) hold a valid US visa and c) your final destination is the USA or d) you are in transit to a country outside the USA.
I-94W (Green). Visa Waiver. Complete this form, if you hold a passport for one of the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, New Zeeland, Norway, San-Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and a) are traveling to the USA, without a US visa, under the “Visa waiver programme” or b) are in transit to a country outside the USA, without a US visa, under the “Visa waiver programme”.
I-94T (Blue). Transit without Visa. Complete this form, if you: a) are a Non-US Citizen and b) are in transit to a country outside the USA and c) do not hold a valid US visa.



-         ARC’s (Airline Reporting Corporation) purpose is to provide a method of approving authorized travel agency location for the sale of transportation and processing records and refunds of such sales to customers.

-         ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is the major trade association of U.S. travel agents and tour operator.

-         Bed and Breakfast. Includes a room and a continental breakfast.

-         Booking. Making a reservation.

-         Carrier. Transporter of passengers, goods, or both.

-         Charter Flight. A flight booked for a specific individual or group of people, on scheduled or nonscheduled airlines, and available under charter conditions.

-         CTO (City Ticket Office). The ticket sales office of carrier, located other than at an air terminal.

-         Consolidator. A company that has discounted agreements with the airlines.

-         Departure Tax. A fee collected by a city or national government for departure from that city or country. U.S. departure tax is added to the fare.

-         Direct Flight. A flight that does not require a passenger to change planes; there may be one or more intermediate stops, however.

-         IATA. International Air Transportation Association

-         Itinerary. Travel schedule made out for a client by a travel agency.

-         Non-Stop Flight. A flight between two points during which the aircraft does not land.

-         One Way. A trip or fare from point A to B without a return journey.

-         Open Jaw. A round trip or round trip ticket on which the departure point is different from the arrival point.

-         Open Ticket. A ticket that does not give the date on which a certain service is to be performed, leaving the passenger to secure his or her own reservation later.

-         Reservation. An arrangement to hold a room, seat, or place for a person.

-         Standby. A passenger waiting at the check-in counter for space (seat).

-         Stop-Over. A deliberate stop or right to leave transportation for a period of time (usually 24 hours or more) at a regular route stop.

-         Transfer. Local transportation and porterage. For example: from one terminal to another.

-         Upgrade. To change to a better class of service.

-         Waitlist. A list of customers who are waiting for a space on a date or at a time is sold out.



Thank you for entrusting us with your travel needs.
Have a pleasant flight.

Lila Marialaki