5 Reasons Why Adult Dating Apps Actually Suck for Tourists

As much as dating apps have become part of our love life routine of finding a hot date for the night or possibly getting into a relationship it doesn’t mean that they don’t suck the majority of the time. The moment you make your profile, you’re instantly overwhelmed by the feelings of possible matches, compliments and confidence boost that are in your near future.

Not until you’ve been actively swiping and matching with people for over a month do you realize how difficult it is actually to have a success story.

1. False Advertising:

You’re basing your physical attraction on someone’s three to five pictures they have chosen for you to see. These pictures could be old, fake or possibly the best angles that can capture you. Pictures are taken with all sorts of angles and filters that it’s hard to believe someone could look that could until you actually meet them in person and realize their skin doesn’t glow like their profile picture.
There are more times than not that online dating profiles seem way more appealing and pictures are way more attractive than the in person reality, which almost makes you give up hope on judging someone on a few pictures.

2. No, Follow Through:

It’s easy to be behind a screen and sent multiple messages, most of which you would never say in person, but the whole point is to be bold enough to get a response. The majority of the time the exchange of messages never push past that or maybe even adding each other on social media. Even if you do match with someone, it doesn’t mean that there is a guaranteed message, which defeats the whole purpose of swiping and matching with someone.

3. Countless Swiping:

You would think that you could have your swiping fix when you match with four hot people you’ve seen, but little do you know that it’s only the beginning. Realizing that there are a plethora of people out there you begin to go on a man hunt (literally) to find a perfect human being possible, instead of relishing in the ones you’ve already been paired up with.

It’s hard to remember that the people you are swiping on are actual human beings so instead of choosing someone you could see a connection with you start to do it out of pure boredom leaving you more single and lonely than you were before starting.

4. Unreliable Matches:

Just because someone says all these things over messages and random talks, doesn’t mean that they will actually follow through to meet in person or even be the person that they are claiming to be. There are so many catfish and stand up stories that leave you feeling worse than before you downloaded the stupid app.

5. Waste Of Money:

If you’re buying subscriptions or banking on this as your last resort to find happiness, there is absolutely no guarantee that it’s going to workout for you. Hate to break it to you, but the chances are slim that you find a happily ever after with one of these things, because everything is going to have to perfectly align in both of your lives for it to sincerely workout seamlessly.


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