Best App to Get Laid Abroad


When you open your phone how many dating apps do you have downloaded on that bad boy? Two? Maybe three? And by dating apps I don’t mean Christian Mingle, I mean apps like Tinder and Bumble. I’m talking about “dating apps” that are essentially casual dating apps. No matter how many fuck boys say that they’re “looking for someone great enough to delete this app,” they’re full of it, they’re looking for hookups. It’s the truth.  It’s not your fault it’s the app you’re using, especially if you’re not used to getting laid every night.

The problem with dating apps:

These dating apps – while fun for a while – pretty quickly become ineffective. Jaded individuals stop trying to start a conversation which leaves you with a ton of matches but with an empty inbox. So why don’t we turn our attention to apps that we all actively use and want to use… like social media apps for instance! But which ones are prime for casual dating and hooking up?

Can social media get you laid?

Ever since our parents and our grandparents have taken over Facebook, us youths have been desperately looking for a different social media platform to jump ship to.

Twitter is a bit too messy, and chock full of political zealots – which sounds like a Facebook now doesn’t it?

Tumblr has banned porn and the people you usually connect with on that platform are millions of miles away, which makes this site prime for finding someone to sext with but not much else.

But odds are, if you’re like most millennials you have an Instagram. Sure, the platform as put a very serious ban on the female nipple, unlike Twitter. But it’s not as disorganized as Twitter and Tumblr, plus it’s the perfect place for thirst trapping. Plus you probably have your SFW Instagram and a secret private finsta (which means fake-insta, for all of you who aren’t in the know) where you post your thirstiest and most raunchy photos.

So why not use Insta as a dating app. I mean plenty of people meet and fuck via DM now anyway, so why not start thinking of Insta as both a social media platform and a hookup app?

Here’s how to get laid on the regular with Insta

Firstly, you have to makes sure that your profile consists of the best pictures of yourself. However, make sure they’re not all selfies! Try to post a good mix of selfies, group photos, and photos of you doing things (so people know you have a life).

Don’t post too much – or you’ll seem like a total narcissist – however, you should try to stay active on your account. If you’re going about bolstering your photos, space them out to once a day or every two days.

Additionally, you should post to your story, so people know that you exist and that you’re out and about!

If you’re out at a bar, post about it, if you’re home alone chillin’, post about it! Do what you gotta do to make sure you’re poppin’ up on people’s feeds. Plus, Insta’s algorithm will make you show up on profiles you interact with a lot first! So try to visit your crush’s Insta page a lot and like their pics, so you show up first in their likes and views.

The next thing you have to do is show some serious love for people on their photos and stories. Don’t do anything too creepy, but liking and sending them a few heart eyes emojis on their story goes a long way! If they respond, follow it up with some game, and you’re golden!