Top 5 Airlines To Travel With

Planning a trip involves so many checklists of location, luggage, pick ups/drop offs that you don’t even think twice about your safety with your airline to your destination. It’s crucial that you are flying with the best airlines in the U.S., so you’re able to fully enjoy your trip on your way to your preferred trip you have had planned.

1. Virgin America:

This airline is so punctual it is almost hard to believe since everyone can usually count on one delay or canceled flight in their lifetime. They don’t seem to have many operational flaws, and the majority of the arrivals and departures run smoothly to the point of perfection.

This airline takes pride in customer feedback and uses the reviews when enhancing their website and improvements when purchasing tickets electronically since that is the way of the world now.

The food provided for passengers is of high quality, and the flight members have been raved about since their starting in 2004. With smooth flights and professional interactions throughout the travel, this is definitely one of the top notch airlines available.

2. Alaska- Air:

This airline was considered one of the highest if not best, overall performance in 2016 compared to the other airlines listed. Known for their on-time arrivals as well as ranking second in the least amount of canceled flights, this airline shows dedication to their consumers by promising punctuality.

Alaska-Air also provides an excellent flying rewards loyalty program that increases their returning customers by offering exclusive deals, offers, and discounts throughout the year.

3. Jet Blue:

Apart from the other airlines listed, Jet Blue places a great emphasis on the service culture and performing to the best of their abilities for complete customer satisfaction every time. Their quality of places are pristine, and the in-flight services are beyond comparison as they provide quality food and beverages throughout every flight taken. This airline has some of the best customer satisfaction scores, right along with Southwest.

4. Hawaiian:

Whether it’s an international flight or island hopping, Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most cost-efficient and highly valued airlines in the U.S.

With free services on the flight as well as consistent extraordinary customer service, this airline has paired up with Jet Blue to help with easier flight connections and boarding passes throughout various airports within America.

5. Southwest:

With one of the highest customer satisfaction scores and will always give you a full refund on any cancellations by pushing your money to a future flight or compensating you altogether. By giving you two free checked bags, this airline wants you to feel comfortable and not spend more money than you have to by checking additional luggage that can easily fit on the large planes you’re flying on.

The entertainment on board is always available, helping the passengers relax whether they want to watch a movie or listen to various albums displayed on the screen.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of these airlines as they have proved to be the best in the business!

Check out the video below for more on the best airlines!