Other information

– Check in 2 hours prior to departure  
– Baggage limit per person:
    – 2 pieces of max 50 lbs each
    – 1 carry-on weight varies by airline
– Passenger is responsible for valid travel documents
– Reconfirm your reservation prior to each flight
– Please send payment to:
    Kaven Travel Service
    13710 Whittier Blvd. #203
    Whittier, CA 90605-1994

Your Arrival into the USA:
All passengers (or one per family) are required to complete the Customs Declaration form prior to arrival in the USA.

If you are one of the following:
a) US Citizen
b) Green Card Holder
c) Canadian Citizen
d) New Immigrant
Take no action.

If you are not, then you must complete one of the following 3 forms. Please ensure you are in possession of the right form and have completed it correctly before arrival, failure to do so could result in a fine and cause you substantial delay on arrival in the USA.
I-94 (White). Complete this form, if you a) are a Non-US Citizen and b) hold a valid US visa and c) your final destination is the USA or d) you are in transit to a country outside the USA.
I-94W (Green). Visa Waiver. Complete this form, if you hold a passport for one of the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, New Zeeland, Norway, San-Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and a) are traveling to the USA, without a US visa, under the “Visa waiver programme” or b) are in transit to a country outside the USA, without a US visa, under the “Visa waiver programme”.
I-94T (Blue). Transit without Visa. Complete this form, if you: a) are a Non-US Citizen and b) are in transit to a country outside the USA and c) do not hold a valid US visa.


  • ARC’s (Airline Reporting Corporation) purpose is to provide a method of approving authorized travel agency location for the sale of transportation and processing records and refunds of such sales to customers.
  • ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is the major trade association of U.S. travel agents and tour operator.
  • Bed and Breakfast. Includes a room and a continental breakfast.
  • Booking. Making a reservation.
  • Carrier. Transporter of passengers, goods, or both.
  • Charter Flight. A flight booked for a specific individual or group of people, on scheduled or nonscheduled airlines, and available under charter conditions.
  • CTO (City Ticket Office). The ticket sales office of carrier, located other than at an air terminal.
  • Consolidator. A company that has discounted agreements with the airlines.
  • Departure Tax. A fee collected by a city or national government for departure from that city or country. U.S. departure tax is added to the fare.
  • Direct Flight. A flight that does not require a passenger to change planes; there may be one or more intermediate stops, however.
  • IATA. International Air Transportation Association
  • Itinerary. Travel schedule made out for a client by a travel agency.
  • Non-Stop Flight. A flight between two points during which the aircraft does not land.
  • One Way. A trip or fare from point A to B without a return journey.
  • Open Jaw. A round trip or round trip ticket on which the departure point is different from the arrival point.
  • Open Ticket. A ticket that does not give the date on which a certain service is to be performed, leaving the passenger to secure his or her own reservation later.
  • Reservation. An arrangement to hold a room, seat, or place for a person.
  • Standby. A passenger waiting at the check-in counter for space (seat).
  • Stop-Over. A deliberate stop or right to leave transportation for a period of time (usually 24 hours or more) at a regular route stop.
  • Transfer. Local transportation and porterage. For example: from one terminal to another.
  • Upgrade. To change to a better class of service.
  • Waitlist. A list of customers who are waiting for a space on a date or at a time is sold out.