Bargain Airfares

1) Our Air Consolidator Search Engine guided steps are:
    a) Complete table in order to find bargain fares with accompanying airlines.
    b) Check availability and select routes for departure and return.
    c) Book. Check your itinerary and charges. Fill out the passenger information. Our site is secure. If you use a debit card verify the maximum daily limit with your bank.
    d) Finish Booking and print your invoice/itinerary. Tickets will be shipped via FedEx. E-tickets confirmation number via e-mail
Please email us at info@kaventravel.com or call us at 1-800-503-5924 if you have any questions or need any help with regards to seat availability.

2) More airfares available at Mostly Lufthansa and United Airlines
This version of the online booking engine feature: Ability for passengers to select seat and meal preferences. Option for passengers to enter in frequent flier numbers. Upfront calculation and display of taxes in compliance with DOT guidelines
    a) The list of Airlines available for our main reservation engine.
    b) More tips to book your ticket online.

Domestic or International On Sale Airfares

3) New engine at Kaven Travel: Domestic, international published or on sale airfares with departure in USA or Canada.

Find a cruise that match your interests or a Hotel in: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Florence, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich, Naples, Nice, Paris, Rome, Venice and Zurich. Plus last minute deals. All in USD.
Car Rentals

4) We offer Skoda, Opel, Fiat, Renault which you can pick up in Germany or Austria and drive through Eastern Europe.

Basic Rentals include unlimited mileage and liability insurance. Value Added Tax (VAT) is added when the reservation is placed.

Inclusive Rentals include the above plus collision damage waiver (CDW), Theft Protection Insurance (TPI), and VAT (the customer is still responsible for the CDW deductible even with the purchase of CDW insurance!)
Austria Czech Republic Germany Hungary Poland Romania

Ferry in Europe

5) Book a Ferry here and save:

Our ferry booking system runs in real-time. Please select your routes from engine boxes. To remove a route click ‘X’. Enjoy your European Sailing.

6) Our Search your hotel room now!

To start a search for a hotel room, please select a country, then a city. The available hotels will be displayed with all pertinent information. Give it a try, it is easy to use.